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32,000 Calorie Coupon Diet + Saved $249.78!!

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The 32,000 Calorie Coupon Diet

This week's realization was very interesting... My husband, Donald, is getting back into the busy season of work (praise the Lord!) and has gone from working an average of 2 days a week, to working all 5! On top of working every week day, he is currently taking a CNA certification course on the weekends from 2-10 pm. So he is basically went from working 2 days a week to working 7! Let me tell you, it is a relief on the income side of things now that it is finally catching up to us, but at the same time it means buy A LOT more groceries. 

My husband is a mover. He works hard and he works fast, for hours on end (you should see him pick up a fridge on his back!) For those of you who know him, please don't let his size fool you! He runs circles around the other guys at work (often literally!). We discovered within the last year why we have both had such trouble losing weight: we don't eat enough. Yep, that's right! What I am about to explain will probably stress some of you out. ;-)

When Donald works a full day of moving furniture and boxes, he will burn at least 6,400 calories (and that's on top of his basic metabolic rate of roughly 2,800.) 6,400 times 5 work days is 32,000 calories (not even figuring in the calories burned on the weekend). Our program figures that in order for him to lose weight while working full time at this job, Donald has to eat roughly 7,300 calories per day. To break it down further, that means he needs to be consuming 830 - 1,199 grams of healthy carbs, 164 - 287 grams of fat, and 184 - 646 grams of protein every day. Now you may be shaking your head and saying there is no way this could work. Well, it actually does. We did a test run last summer for a week and a half (because we couldn't afford to buy enough groceries for longer than that!) In that week and a half, Donald dropped more than 10 pounds!

The difference between last year and this year: COUPONS! We haven't been able to make this eating/weight loss schedule work because buying 32,000 calories worth of food every week at full price is simply ridiculous! Donald's work load increasing kind of caught us off guard this year. All of the sudden a couple of weeks ago he just started working everyday! So I was a little stressed out when I realized how much food I needed to start buying for lunches. But I am determined that we can get Donald on this diet and drastically offset the cost by matching coupons and sales! Stay tuned for updates!

And without further ado...the second week of April's grocery savings:

10 – 16 oz bottles of Fuze vitamin drink (all free!)
1 bottle of Garnier Shampoo (Free!)
1 bottle of Garnier Conditioner (Free!)
4 travel size bottles of Vaseline lotion (all free!)
2 – 5 packs of Schick travel razors (both free + $.82 of overage!)
1 tube of Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste (free!)
4 travel size sticks of Dove Men+Care deodorant (all free + $.50 overage on each!)
2 travel size tubes of Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste (both free!)
1 package of Olay face wipes (free!)
4 individual Snickers Easter Egg candies (all free!)
1 bottle of Olay Quench lotion ($.03!)
4 – 24 count bottles of Motrin ($.14 each!)
3 travel size tubes of Crest with Scope toothpaste (free! Attached to the Crest toothpaste)
3 tubes Crest toothpaste ($.25 each!)
4 Oral B Cavity Defense toothbrushes ($.25 each!)
4 bags of Halls Cough Drops ($.25 each!)
2 boxes of Mom's Best Cereal ($.25 each!)
1 – 10 oz bottle of Dawn dish soap ($.49!)
1 can of Febreeze Air Effects spray ($.49!)
1 Febreeze Set & Refresh ($.49!)
6 loaves of Franz steel cut oat bread ($.50 each!)
4 packages of Franz 100% whole wheat BBQ buns ($.50 each!)
2 packages of hoagie rolls ($.50 each!)
2 loaves of cracked wheat sourdough bread ($.50 each!)
1 loaf of sliced sourdough bread ($.50!)
1 loaf of classic french bread ($.50!)
1 loaf of Vienna sourdough ($.50!)
1 loaf of Franz potato bread ($.50!)
2 boxes of Captain Crunch ($.50 each!)
1 – 24 count box of Zantac Maximum Strength ($.59! - normally $7.59!)
4 bottles of Ken's salad dressing ($.67 each!)
2 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner ($.99 each – we were in desperate need, so glad I found this deal!)
2 – 32 load bottles of Purex laundry soap ($.99 each!)
4 – 2 liters of Canada Dry Ginger Ale ($1 each! I thought that was a pretty good price!)
1 – 32 oz jar of Smuckers grape jelly ($1.99!)
2 lbs of Isernio's chicken sausage (paid $1.99/lb – normally $5.49/lb!)
1 – 5 lb bag of Bob's Red Mill whole wheat flour ($2.50!)
1 – 5 lb bag of Gold Medal unbleached flour
2 boxes of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta
1 tub of Mountain High yogurt
2 lbs of Fred Meyer butter
2 bags of Nestle chocolate chips
1 box of SmartStart Bisquick
1 – 18 oz jar of Smuckers raspberry preservers
3.5 lbs of organic bananas
1 gallon of milk
2 – 6 oz packages of Hormel Natural roast beef lunch meat
1 box of drawstring garbage bags
1 box of Always Infinity pads
2 – 10 oz bags of organic frozen peas
1 toilet bowl brush
1 bottle of Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer
1 rawhide bone dog toy (not pictured – the dog already had at it, so it's kinda gross lookin')

Shelf cost: $335.32
What I paid: $85.54 (plus I have $2 in catalines left and a $5 Target card)
Saved 74%

Just curious, is there anyone who would like me to start including the stores I shop at or the trips I take during the week?


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